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Page 4 | November 2014
The General Osteopathic Council vs Les Bailey Court Case The truth behind this pointless case is also summed up at www.lesbailey- I am not, nor do I wish to be, a member of the General Osteopathic Council. I rely on my skills and 35 year experience rather than “buying” the rights to the title of osteopath by registering with the General Osteopathic Council. I am happily registered with both ACOPM and APTA (in other words, I do not want or need the general Osteopathic Council membership). When I opened the Back and Joint Pain Centre in catrerham I was originally to be joined by two general osteopathic council members, so in good faith I had the logos for the General Osteopathic Council put alongside my own ACOPM and APTA logos. The same was true of the clinic leaflets. These two osteopaths for reasons of distance could not join me so I immediately began searching for others. This took longer than I thought as most failed to meet expectations as practitioners or let me down when it came to starting. The clinic was always in a state of “the next few weeks one would be joining” and so I kept the logo on the leaflets and clinic
front in readiness. I now have a colleague who is registered with the General Osteopathic Council so the problem got solved. Personally, from my point of view I didn’t care if it was there or not. My patients could not care less what my title is. They just know I am good at what I do. So the General Osteopathic Council get a call from a Mr or Mrs Anonymous and rather than phone or visit me so that I could easily and respectfully explain why the logos are there, they decide to set an example and use the courts to show how big and important they are. Forgive my cynicism but magistrates are a part of our government in a way and so are the General Osteopathic Council. So they sided with the General Osteopathic Council. The right to be heard by jury is almost non-existent nowadays so the magistrates immediately found me guilty, as was expected. A jury would have listened and as people are naturally suspicious of government organisations it was felt by our legal team that the outcome would have been very different and I would have beaten General Osteopathic Council’s bullying tactics. So to sum up, I am highly qualified, registered (but not with the General Osteopathic Council) and have 35 years clinical experience. I just don’t want to be a part of the new system of osteopathy that is running a once great profession. That was my only crime. I was taught to be cautious about government bodies and this has proved to be the case. My Philosophy At the Back and Joint Pain Centre in Caterham we keep pour prices low so our patients can afford treatment.
I absolutely love what I do for my patients and in 35 years of practice I have never wavered in getting a kick out of seeing my patients recover using the skills I have learned over the years. I never forget the great old school osteopaths, doctors, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and others I have learned my skills from and owe them a great deal of respect and love. My patients mean the world to me and I see it as my duty to help them all I can to recover from whatever they present to me. This is why I am available by phone or in person to my patients 7 days a week, early or late! My patients can all contact me even on a Sunday evening or bank holiday and this is the way I like it, how medicine should be. Most importantly I have always maintained that if a patient is not satisfied at the end of their treatment, I will not take their money. I am glad to report this has never happened in all my years. Useful links ex.asp?pageno=6 Les Bailey The Back and Joint Pain Centre 175 Coulsdon Road Caterham CR3 5NU 01883 341949 07801 418080
What The General Osteopathic Council’s members think of them!!
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