I am proudly not registered with the General Osteopathic Council and do not call myself an osteopath. Anyone wishing to see the certificates for any of the above is welcome to email me and I will send a copy by return drlesbailey@yahoo.co.uk The General Osteopathic Council’s  “WitchHunt” Firstly, I resigned from the General Osteopathic Council in 2004. I strongly disliked how they had hijacked the title “Osteopath” legally and only members could use it. I
would like to say at this point, I have never met a single osteopath who likes and respects this organisation, but if they wish to continue using the title “osteopath” they have no choice but to pay their unfairly high registration fees and join. Myself, like many others, refused to be blackmailed by these odious people and live off our skills rather than a title. More and more members leave the General Osteopathic Council every year. I am not alone in my thoughts on this dreadful organisation.
They do nothing to promote osteopathy in the UK as they had promised to do prior to forming and became just another government quango high on promises and low on delivery. Instead of promoting osteopathy as the brilliant art it once was, they have rampaged through the colleges pushing a whole heap of health and safety claptrap and lowering the amount of techniques taught. In other words you the patient lose out as your osteopaths are less able to fix your complaint than the old school osteopaths of 20-40 years ago.
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Page 2 | November 2014
Firstly I would like to point out that I am not by my own choice registered with the General Osteopathic Council, neither do I wish to register with them. I resigned of my own accord in 2004 and have no wish to be any part of this government backed organisation (more about this later). I am registered with both ACOPM and APTA. These are my choice of registering bodies. My qualifications are as follows:- Diploma in Osteopathy (1993) Northern Counties School of Osteopathy Diploma in Osteopathy (1992) Open International University of Complimentary Medicine Diploma in Lecturing and Tutoring in Osteopathy ~(1993) Northern Counties School of Osteopathy Diploma in Soft Tissue Manipulation (1983) Andrew Still  College of Osteopathy Diploma in Massage (1981) London Academy of Massage and Physical Culture Diploma in Manipulative Medical Science (1981) Open International University of Complimentary Medicine Acupuncture for Musculoskeletal Pain Control (1995) ATM Diploma in Biomechanics  (Orthotics) (2008) College of Foot Health Practitioners Doctorate (PHD) (2009) (By thesis) Open International University of Complimentary Medicine International Laser Therapy Association Membership (1994) Honorary Life Member of Medicina Alternativa (1992) Open International University
My Qualifications and Registering Bodies
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